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Since 2002, Studio Cirq has taught yoga, Pilates, and related techniques in the heart of Melbourne city.

The group class timetable appeals to people who lead busy lives and who value out our personalised service, on-time classes and exceptional teachers.

Additionally customised wellness programmes for corporate and government clients are provided at workplaces throughout the city.

New and Upcoming


Yoga Masterclasses with Jenni Morrison Jack

Jenni Morrison Jack

We welcome Jenni back with two short masterclasses perfect for anyone doing Dynamic Yoga. The masterclasses will take you through the familiar poses with fresh eyes, exploring the detail and taking the time to discover new ways to approach the poses.  
These are not-to-miss classes with one of Melbourne's leading teachers - book now using your class pass which must be valid in July.  Each Masterclass counts as two classes on your pass.
6.30 - 7.30pm on Thursday 10 + 17 July.  The fee per class is $25 if you don't have a pass

Book here

Hypno-relaxation Classes

Yogo Nidra - Hypno-relaxation

Hypno relaxation combines Yoga Nidra (a sleep-like state experienced during yogic meditation) with hypno-therapy. Our classes will take you into a state of hypnotic relaxation - suspended between wakefulness and sleep.  Each week the process will be different and you will receive notes and audio links for home practice each week.
Each class will leave you rested, relaxed while alert and clear. Over the progress of the series you will notice improvements - feeling at greater ease and thinking clearly.

Tuesday 22 July - 12 August
6 - 7pm
Fee $150  Book here

Meditation for Beginners Course

Meditation is an intensely practical and enjoyable endeavour. It's an excellent tool for calming the mind and relaxing the body. It can also help you make beneficial changes in terms of how you relate to events and circumstances in your life, to other people and even yourself. In this course, we are especially focused on the practical outcome of preventing and reducing stress.

Tuesday 19 August - 23 September
6 - 7pm
Fee $185

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Our essential yoga reading list

Our recommended reading list is of classic yoga books that will deepen your knowledge and appreciation of the history, philosophy and thinking behind yoga

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    Corporate & Private Classes

    We will bring our teachers  and equipment to your work or home in the city and inner suburbs. 

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