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Since 2002, Studio Cirq has taught yoga, Pilates, and related techniques in the heart of Melbourne city.

The group class timetable appeals to people who lead busy lives and who value out our personalised service, on-time classes and exceptional teachers.

Additionally customised wellness programmes for corporate and government clients are provided at workplaces throughout the city.

New and Upcoming

We have two yoga courses starting in August.  The Yoga Foundations is suitable if you're new to yoga, have an injury or want to get a solid base for a general yoga practice that will translate into just about most yoga classes.
Ashtanga Yoga is a refined form of yoga that is suited to persons with a good level of fitness and endurance.  Ashtanga is not the preferred option if you have an injury. 


Yoga Foundations Course

Absolute beginners, or those returning to yoga will benefit from this course designed to provide a thorough grounding in the key yoga postures. Over the 8 weeks students will develop the strength, stamina and awareness to improve posture and flexibility, but also provide balance and stability in body and mind. On completion of the course, students can join our dynamic yoga classes with confidence

Tuesday 12 August - 30 September
Teacher: Jamie O Loughlin
6.30 - 7.45pm
8 weeks

Fee $190  Booking form


Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners Course

Ashtanga yoga is unique because of its equal emphasis on strength and flexibility: when practiced regularly, the strong, athletic sequence of postures leads to rapid transformation as the body responds to the demands of a rhythmic series of postures, all linked by the breath.

Over 8 weeks of the course, students will learn the first thirty poses in the Primary Series.

Expect to be challenged and transformed!

Wednesday 13 August - 1 October
Teacher Aimee Schollum
6 - 7.15pm
8 weeks
Fee $190 Booking form


Meditation for Beginners Course

Meditation is an intensely practical and enjoyable endeavour. It's an excellent tool for calming the mind and relaxing the body. It can also help you make beneficial changes in terms of how you relate to events and circumstances in your life, to other people and even yourself. In this course, we are especially focused on the practical outcome of preventing and reducing stress.

Tuesday 19 August - 23 September
6 - 7pm
Fee $185

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Our essential yoga reading list

Our recommended reading list is of classic yoga books that will deepen your knowledge and appreciation of the history, philosophy and thinking behind yoga

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    Corporate & Private Classes

    We will bring our teachers  and equipment to your work or home in the city and inner suburbs. 

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    Our Studio spaces are available for hire on weekends and during downtime.

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