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Camilla Allen

Since 2002, Studio Cirq has taught yoga, Pilates, and related techniques in the heart of Melbourne city.

The group class timetable appeals to people who lead busy lives and who value our personalised service, on-time classes and exceptional teachers.

Additionally customised wellness programmes for corporate and government clients are provided at workplaces throughout the city.


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New and Upcoming


Goodbye to Meyers Place Studios!

Studio Cirq on Meyers Place closed on 28 November and will re-open in the next few months at a new city location.  Please stay in touch via our email newsletter and this website.

Special thanks to all the talented teachers who have played a role in our beautiful Studio!  The roll call below includes many fine people, some of whom have gone on to open their own studios.  Thanks to you all!

Aimee Challies
Aimee Schollum
Alison Kennedy
Amanda Ferris
Amanda Stead
Angela Harding
Antonia Pont
Ashlee Barton
Belinda Boyd
Belinda Holden
Bernie Lane
Brett Neagle
Brett Webster
Britt Salt
Bronwyn Meyrick
Camilla Allen
Camilla Maling
Carla Jeppson
Carolyn Diaz
Catherine Watts
Chris Wilson
Christina Bagot
Christy Champoise
Dale Sandwith
Dao Jianyun
Dave Cowan
Eleisha Collins
Elynn Dang
Fee Klauser
Felicity Steel
Fiona Cameron
Frederique Fouche
Gabrielle van der Elst
Georgia King
Helen Gilfillan
Holly Cooper
Hugit Rubenstein
Ina Becker
Ingrid Jolley
James Bahuth
Jamie O Loughlin
Jamie Power
Jane Vasey
Jasmin Wood
Jasmine Johnston
Jenni Juokshahti
Jennife Cresenzo
Jo Adcock
Jo Lim
Jo Pemberton
Jo Remenyi
Jo White
Joao Oliviera
Jodie Murray
Johannes Moschayedi
Julia Jones
Julia Quintana Sandoval
Karen Chow
Karyn Grenfell
Kathy Peterson
Katie de Araujo
Katie McCauley
Katrina Kormendy
Kaye Ballantyne
Kristi Pilcher
Kristiarne Anthony
Lauren Drago
Lauren Sokal

Laurinda Croft
Leah Casey
Leah Landau
Lisa Farinosi
Louisa Duckett
Lucinda Marshall
Lucia Human
Lucy Broome
Manish Singh
Masha Gorodilova
Michelle Burnett
Mindy Lee
Mindy Thiessen
Monica Danobeitia
Nadine Cameron
Nadine Falwell
Natalie Abbott
Nina Davine
Njala Sankhulani
Olivia Bryant
Patrick Costello
Patrick Glennan
Penny Olive
Priyanka Natarajan
Raisa Hashem
Renee Stevenson
Rochelle Carmichael
Rosalyn Lim
Sara Zavik
Sarah Joan Peard
Satoko Tasaki
Sidsel Henriksen
Simonetta Togliani
Sol Thomas
Sophie Jeffries
Stella Atwood
Stephanie Glickman
Tahlia Ware
Tallulah Frame
Tamblyn Lord
Tarsh Logan
Tom Mullen
Una Goldsworthy
Victoria English
Zac Jones
Zoe Stark


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    Corporate & Private Classes

    We will bring our teachers  and equipment to your work or home in the city and inner suburbs. 


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